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January 25th, 2012

1)It is possible that Zotero could be used for bookmarking websites in general or as a collaborative space if members in the group all had the same log in information. I could also see Zotero as being useful for organizing and studying material for a class. As for blogging, blogs can be used as a space for collaborating with other people and learning new perspectives from those who comment. Blogs can be a way to put down information such as lesson plans, research outlines, and etc to have people comment on it. I love the RSS or Google Reader app. If you are someone who likes to be up-to-date with current events and news this app is ideal. Also, RSS could be used to keep-up-to-date with research in respective fields. By using these tools together, you can create a site that is current and up-to-date with your name on it, but also with the knowledge, experience, and ideas contributed through collaborative methods.


2) Valley of the Shadow- This website has a lot of information that could be useful to any research project pertaining to the Civil War. I think that is the problem though with the flow of the website. There is so much information that it makes the website hard to navigate. I had to click five or six times just to get to one primary document. By having to click through so many different pages it discourages the viewer from continuing further.

French Revolution- Easy to navigate, but needs more pizazz.

The Centennial Image Collection and The James L. Farmer Collection- This site is easy to navigate and does not give you any fluff. Although the information is not merchandised per se, it is straight forward and to the point. That can be useful to some one who has been researching all day.

The Emancipation Project- As a whole the colors of the website do not work for me and the font is too small. Everything is blended in together. The information presented looks like the back end of the site rather than a cohesive front end.

Gilded Age Murder- By far this my favorite site. The website is visually appealling and laid out nicely. I feel the picture function could be useful in looking at a view of campus buildings. I also like the aspect where the “unique” visitor can look at the main exhibit at the top where the researcher can dive further in with the options and text below.

Hawaiian Historical Society Historical Photograph Collection- Besides the very long name, I feel that this is how a digital history website should look like. The information is organized at the top, a part of the website is featured, and its simple and not overwhelming. I feel that our group would probably benefit and use this form of website especially in terms of the simple pages added at the top because we have a lot of information to sort through.

The James L. Farmer Collection-

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