Group Contract Explorations

February 9th, 2012

My experience with group contracts has been a struggle of personalities. Some members of a group are leaders and some are followers. When my group and I were discussing our group contract in class today (Thursday) it was evident that this was the first time we really had to collaborate and come up with one cohesive idea about our site and our project in its entirety. The most prevalent problem we had was in discussing the division of labor and the milestones we hope to achieve. I think this was an issue because many aspects of our project overlap and run into each other. For example, three people will be studying the history and biographies of the buildings, but we had to decide which buildings. Due to the fact that research is such a large asepct of this project we have to devote more time to researching itself before our site can come together.

What our group has accomplished so far:

Kayle and I have researched a majority of the biographies of the UMW buldings for the residence halls and “other” buildings on campus. Cam has been working on researching the academic buildings.

Hopefully after coming together today to discuss our group contract, our group will be more on track with research and the tasks each person should be working on

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