Post for the week of 2/20/12–wikipedia

February 21st, 2012

After looking at several wikipedia articles on various topics these are the thoughts I had:

Rock Music- I choose this article because I felt it would have a lost of editing history considering that the genre is always evolving and there are multiple opinions on how it is viewed.

-Most of the revisions made to the site are codes and “techy” language that I don’t understand. For instance, “adding alt text to illustrations” appeared across different time periods as well as revisions that had the phrase in it.

-It is interesting to note that the article on rock music first appears in 2001 and within 500 edits the page is already in 2006, but if you look at the most recent edits they span from the current day to only March of 2011. I believe this disparity represents the growing use of google and the Internet.

Eleanor of Aquitaine- I picked this article because it is the subject of my senior thesis so it would be interesting to see how the article has evovled.

-I think it is a really awesome comparative feature that you can actually view the articles at different points in time.

-Most of the revisions in this article seem like they are repeats of the same thing. I do not know how wikipedia edits work, but this seems redundant and hard to understand what is occurring.

Barack Obama- I picked this article because I thought it would have a lot of opinion based revisions and a lot of revisions in general.

-I found it interesting that wikipedia has the option to semi-protect a site because of some sort of compliance to protect biographies of living people. I believe this is because of slander issues they probably have had in the past

-Also, the article has a stable format that cannot be edited at all

– Wikipedia says it is one of the best articles it has ever produced.

-It is obvious from the talk about the page that the people who take it seriously and the group of “ragtag volunteers” how maintain the site are serious about the accuracy of the information provided. The talk is technical and specific. It is evident that there is a large task force working on Obama’s article. Hmmm Democratic bias…?


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