One Step at a Time

March 1st, 2012

Kayle and I met with Professor Hanna on Tuesday and it was fantastic. We walked into his office and he already had the map of campus up and ready to go. The rest of the meeting was followed by “awesome”, “that is so cool”, and “wow”. I do not think we expected him to be so helpful and resourceful. He has offered his assitance in furture edits of the map in case we want to change colors. Other than that, basic edits for us will be easy. We need to eliminate the white space and crop out certain features like the battleground and the shopping center across route 1, but that will be easy thourgh photoshop or a windows picture program.

Our group has progressed very well. We have settled into the swing of things. Kayle, Cam, and I have continued research and I have done six or so drafts of the residence halls. Kay and Sam continue to make strides with the website and are doing a lot of work concerning obtaining pictures from the archives. Overall, I think we are on track and will have a lot more to do when we come back from break.

Happy Spring Break everyone!!!

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