Five Lessons I’ve Learned

March 12th, 2012

Lesson 1: Dr. McClurken does too much. He makes me feel seriously unaccomplished. In all serious though, it seems to me that creating a digital resume is actually easier than making a resume through microsoft word and the like. The digital world gives you the freedom to customize, personalize, and professionalize your resume. (Dr. McClurken’s site).

Lesson 2: Dr. McClurken’s use of UMW Blogs allowed him to attach and implement different kinds of technology into his main page. A resume like this creates a well-rounded personality and representation of achievements versus the one page resume maximum I was taught which allows for virtually nothing specific to be put on the resume.

Lesson 3: There is no safe place to hide in today’s society. I have wondered if I could completely drop off the grid. I’d turn off my cell phone for the whole and imagine a world where my overbearing mother couldn’t call me whenever she wanted. Evan Ratliff’s experience of disappearing was intensely orchestrated and even he couldn’t  fully escape being tracked electronically without tremendous difficulty. (Evan Ratliff’s journey to disappearance).

Lesson 4: Your digital identity can be what you make or you can let it make you. In reference to Facebook and other social networking sites, I have always been to never post anything online that might incriminate in the future. If you post anything, then people can form there own opinion of you, but if you selectively post then you can control the person you are on the web. Effectively you can create an alter ego. (The Rise of Alter Egos)

Lesson 5: Your privacy is never safe. No matter how many measures you take to protect your privacy, you can never be sure that you are fully protected. On the subject of social networking sites, people have created alter egos to protect their identity by disfiguring their own identities or creating new ones. The fact of the matter is someone is always able to find you on these sites. I get friend requests from foreign countries I can’t pronounce, from foreign names I can’t pronounce. Not to mention the people who’s facebook accounts have obviously been hacked into. Their privacy has been violated too.

In closing, I would like to say that in a world where technology is becoming the easiest and most popular way to communicate it might be better to never go on computers at all.

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