Reflection Paper

April 25th, 2012

The Historic Buildings of the University of Mary Washington will be an integral site in the advertisement of the University of Mary Washington campus. I feel this way because our group adhered to our original goal of creating a site that would ascertain the historical significance of each building. The importance and impact of the site is evidenced by the volume of interest from students and university departments to use the site and include it in other university materials. Along with accomplishing the main goal, our group was able to include significant visual aspects that make our site more interesting (pictures and the interactive map). For the most part, the group as an entity adhered to the deadlines of the contract. Individually, certain group members did not adhere to their deadlines. Our group expected this which is why we allotted extra time in the deadlines for any delays. However, some deadlines needed to be met in order to allow Sam and Kay to load the information accordingly. I think the research aspect of the project was the hardest to adhere to deadlines because none of the researchers realized how difficult it would be to find information of the people the buildings were named for. The map was past deadline but that was because Kayle had to depend on DTLT to upload the map. The website creators achieved the desired effect and look of the site. I think the website it effective and adds a new dimension to the University that the Admissions department has not fully tapped into yet.

The process of working in a group and working on a website was not easy. I would like to first say that you should never put five girls together in a group. Our group had issues with communicating and forming cliques. I believe that the issue of communication was due to differing personalities and differing schedules. These issues are best represented by the disagreement over which members’ pictures to use and who was to edit the site. Originally I was supposed to take pictures and edit Cam’s research. However, disagreement led to the use of Kay’s pictures and editing done by all group members sporadically. While it might seem that the researchers had little to with the construction of the site, this is not true. All of the researchers loaded their drafts to the website and edited them as well. Also, I needed to understand the inner-workings of the site so that I did not mess up any aspects of the site when editing or changing things. I found that creating the site was easy for the most part. The only issues I encountered were editing text with pictures included in the pages. I enjoyed researching the namesakes of the buildings and founding out the interesting facts about the buildings. A part of the process the group neglected to think about was publicity. Since our focus was on the University, publicity was easy because we could utilize university resources to publicize our site. The best part of the whole process was receiving the e-mail from the Director of Web Communications praising our site for its breadth of information and application of digital humanities.

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